Friday, March 5, 2010

Fitness Pros can vacation for Free!

Hey Fitness Pros,

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I've posted. I'm celebrating my 40th Birthday next week and have been enjoying a fun 40 for 40 day celebration. It's been a blast!

Anyways, today I wanted to let you know about an opportunity that exists for Fitness Professionals that I don't think enough of us take advantage of.

Put it this way - you should never have to pay for accommodations and food at a high class resort again. There are plenty of resorts that will give you free accommodations and food in return for teaching a couple classes like Yoga, Pilates, Aqua, Dance, Bootcamp etc per day. Plus, what a great way to meet people. So if you're like me and would workout and take classes anyways, why not teach them yourself and be guaranteed a fabulous workout and get to go for free. Plus you get to bring a guest and often up to 2 kids for free also. If you have more in your party, they often provide a very discounted rate for add-ons. It's a really great deal.

Typically, you just have to fill out an application and prove that you are a certified professional. Then you get to search the various resorts and availability. Options are available throughout Mexico and the Caribbean including Cuba, Costa Rica and more.

There are two companies that I know of that facilitate this process. Here are their websites:

Happy and fit travels,

Sherri McMillan

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  1. Sherri,

    This is a very good idea! I have to start planning for a free vacation deal.

    Thanks. I always look forward to reading your blog.

    Rick Kaselj

  2. Hi Sherri,
    FYI - Your stay isn't exactly free, but it is very inexpensive. Both nrg2go and fitprotravel charge a booking fee. The amount varies with each resort and is tipically 10 - 20% of what you could expect to pay out of pocket to stay there. My wife and I have traveled as guest instructors 25+ times and have started our own blog to help others take advantage of this awesome service for fitness professionals