Monday, March 22, 2010

The key to staying on top!

Dear Fitness Pros,

Stop learning and then start dying! The key to staying on top and on the cutting edge is an ongoing commitment to MCI (Measurable Constant Improvement). Read trade journals, invest in business leadership and success books, listen to webinars, watch and learn from other colleagues and attend conferences and workshops.

At NWPT, this is key to our success. We're always working hard to advance each others' skills. Our team is amazing because we all understand and embrace the importance of this!

If you're looking for a fun educational event to attend and want to hang with some really awesome people, attend our Fitness & Training Forum on Saturday April 10th with Guest Speaker Petra Kolber in Portland Oregon. It is jam packed with practical information that you can implement right away.

And if you're looking for a weekend event that will dramatically change the way you do business and significantly increase your business revenues, attend my Business of Personal Training course in May. We'll have 17 hours together over 2 days and I will teach you everything I know about running a million dollar Personal Training business.

Email Kari Schunk, our Fitness Education Director, at for more details and to register for either of these events.

Here's to striving to be your absolute best!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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